About Me

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I am a recently graduated Computer Engineer from Ottawa, Ontario. I have a passion for design in technology, and thought Computer Engineering would offer the exposure I desired for a broad range of technologies.

I enjoy playing hockey with friends and snowboarding (when I can), and also volunteer as a cat foster for the Ottawa Humane Society! I recently took a motorcycle training course and plan on getting my full M license this summer (currently M2)! I can be pretty silly at times if you really get to know me :)

I initially went to school at Carleton University in Ottawa, but wanted to try to live on my own for a bit so I transferred to Queen's University in Kingston after my first year. I am really glad I did as I made some really great friends there and enjoyed being able to live on my own for the first time.

My original graduating class was in 2018 (graduated high school in 2014), so I received my iron ring in spring of 2018 along with some solid life-long friends. My dad eve drove up from Ottawa for the occasion to ring me as he is also graduated engineering (electrical) in Canada. How cool is that?! However, I decided to do internship in order to gain some workplace experience and also considered doing exchange at the time. I spent a year (2018-2019) working at Neptec Technologies Corp (NTC). I learned a lot about general workplace operations and workflow. In 2019, I came back to Queen's to take some interesting non-engineering courses I never had the chance to take before like Game Design and Computing Creative Art! I had a ton of fun with those courses and glad I took the route I did. Really looking forward to what the future has in store for me!

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